Trendy knits & Flashy kicks

Hey loves,

How are you all doing? I am so bummed out by the fall-like weather we are having here in the Netherlands, so I decided to do a little throwback post about an event that I visited a while ago. It’s sweater weather right now, and the same can be said about the day of the event. I am wearing very flashy shoes with my favorite knits ever!!! I had spend hours and hours on the internet looking for my size, so you can imagine how happy I was when I finally got both the sweater and trousers in my size. I was lucky because someone probably returned them to Shopbop so I ordered them right away! Anyways it’s a trend that we will probably see more of this fall/winter season. I have seen really really great co-ords knits in the new collection of Tibi and H&M is also selling loosely knit matching trousers and jumpers. The one I am wearing is from Alice & Oliva, but I also got myself a budget version from Zara in nude ( and it was on sale!! ), which I will probably be wearing soon given the current weather. Besides the way it looks, which I really like, it’s also super comfy. Who doesn’t like to wear something as comfy as your PJ’s but still look stylish.

Anyways I visited the ILOVEFASHIONBLOGGERS Blog Fair at the MTV studios, where a lot of really great, inspirational and super sweet Dutch Bloggers were present. There was live music, a Q & A with the Bloggers, lots of great Brands and food & drinks. Definitely a great event to see your favorite favorite Fashionbloggers!

Please let me know what you think of this outfit ❤

IMG_0663 IMG_0667 IMG_0698 IMG_0708 IMG_0785 IMG_0794 IMG_0887 IMG_0905 IMG_0912 IMG_0922

I am wearing

Joshua Sanders sneakers

Alice & Olivia matching sweater and trousers

Zara leather jacket

Sandro Paris backpack


Fashionchick Party!

The 14th of November I visited the Fashionchick party with my friend Yessie. It was a great night with lots of cocktails, bites, goodies and great music. And of course great outfits and clothes that you could buy there with a discount. The party was held in a great venue, House of Amsterdam, in the centre of Amsterdam of course. It was beautifully decorated with white balloons, and cirque inspired elements. I love going to events like this, where you can socialize and of course it’s an extra opportunity to dress up. When going to events like these, I always wear something that I am totally crazy about at that moment. In this case, bomberjacktes! I must say that I am a little bit addicted haha, as you can see in my latest post I am wearing my all time favorite Bomberjacket from Sandro, then there is this one from H&M Trend collection and I just bought another one ( in my defense it was on sale 😉 ), which I can’t wait to wear. And I have the feeling that it won’t be the last one I’ll buy either… Anyways I chose to combine it with a nude colored bodycon dress and nude heels. Which gives the look a chic feeling. Well I hope you guys like the outfit!


IMG_9166 IMG_9173 IMG_9191 IMG_9197 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMG_9201 10275502_843588192352944_2221268628711023102_o

I am wearing

H&M Trend Dress & Bomber

Zara Shoes & Earcuff