A weekend in Barcelona

Hi loves! I am back from my hibernation, or at least that is what it feels like. I have been planning to post something but kept postponing it, and here we are, a few months after my last update. Anyways this time I will REALLY try to post more regularly. I have so much outfits and travel tips that I would love to share. And it is summer YAY! Which means that in one week I will have my freedom back from uni, and that I will have a lot more time to work on my blog and on travelling of course.

Today I want to share some pics from my trip to Barcelona earlier this year. After this trip I have already been back there twice, so I have to hurry up haha. In a previous post I might have mentioned that I have lived in Barcelona for a year a few years ago. So now I still have a lot of my good friends living there, therefor I try to go back whenever I can. Besides my friends I just love the city. It’s so vibrant and it simply has everything that you might need. There is the beach, a great city life, mountains and lots of events and not to forget amaaaaazing food! Most of my tips will probably be about food, since I am such a foodie.

This day I went to one of my all-time favorite burger restaurants called Kiosko! Or Bacao, there are several restaurants located around the city and the names vary. The burgers there are so good, but I also love this place for its selection of fries and home-made sauces. They are simply amazing, and I always end up just eating the sauce when all my food is already gone. All the burgers there are good, but my favorite one is definitely the burger “Japonesa” which comes with a delicious teriyaki sauce. Besides this place, I was introduced to another great Burger restaurant called “Timesburg”. This one has more or less the same concept, but is more spacious and is situated a little bit more outside of the center. Here you will also find more locals than in Kiosko, which attracts quite a lot of tourists lately. I have only been to Timesburg once, but I ordered this divine burger with a mint sauce. Which works great with the hot climate of Barcelona. This burger was a special at the moment, so I hope that they will add it to their menu!

I will post more tips and pics from my trip to Barcelona soon!

Have a lovely week babes!

IMG_6530 IMG_6524 IMG_6514 IMG_6497 IMG_6579 IMG_6572 IMG_6568 IMG_6563 IMG_6553IMG_6551    I am wearing

Zara white sneakers

H&M Shorts

H&M Top

Zara Bag & Sunglasses


My Favorite Crop Top!

I am really excited to show you my all time favorite crop top from Cameo. I am so in love with the top and the brand. It’s not new collection or anything, I just didn’t have the right occasion to wear it yet. In this post I am wearing the top in Barcelona! After going to Ibiza I flew to Barcelona and I just wanted to wear it again! I will post the Ibiza pictures soon as well. I was really lucky with the weather this time of the year, normally it’s not that warm the end of October. The only downside was, that I really wanted to wear my crop top with my new Sandro bomberjacket but it was too hot. I wore it anyways of course, because wearing it in Barcelona was a must for me.Oh.. and I am wearing my fav Zara trousers again, it’s just so easy to travel with and looks good with so many things. And what can I say about Barcelona, I just love that city so much, and I have actually lived here for a while in the past. I try to go back as much as I can! This time I went there to celebrate my 25th birthday, and I had a great time. Anyone else loves this city as much as I do?

IMG_8937 IMG_8938 IMG_8942 IMG_8945 IMG_8947 IMG_8948 IMG_8950 IMG_8955 IMG_8958 IMG_8961 IMG_9028
IMG_9046 IMG_9047
IMG_9083 IMG_9091 IMG_9096 IMG_9097


I am wearing

Sandro Jacket

Zara Shoes, Trousers & Earcuff

Cameo Crop top

Blanco Bracelet