Trendy knits & Flashy kicks

Hey loves,

How are you all doing? I am so bummed out by the fall-like weather we are having here in the Netherlands, so I decided to do a little throwback post about an event that I visited a while ago. It’s sweater weather right now, and the same can be said about the day of the event. I am wearing very flashy shoes with my favorite knits ever!!! I had spend hours and hours on the internet looking for my size, so you can imagine how happy I was when I finally got both the sweater and trousers in my size. I was lucky because someone probably returned them to Shopbop so I ordered them right away! Anyways it’s a trend that we will probably see more of this fall/winter season. I have seen really really great co-ords knits in the new collection of Tibi and H&M is also selling loosely knit matching trousers and jumpers. The one I am wearing is from Alice & Oliva, but I also got myself a budget version from Zara in nude ( and it was on sale!! ), which I will probably be wearing soon given the current weather. Besides the way it looks, which I really like, it’s also super comfy. Who doesn’t like to wear something as comfy as your PJ’s but still look stylish.

Anyways I visited the ILOVEFASHIONBLOGGERS Blog Fair at the MTV studios, where a lot of really great, inspirational and super sweet Dutch Bloggers were present. There was live music, a Q & A with the Bloggers, lots of great Brands and food & drinks. Definitely a great event to see your favorite favorite Fashionbloggers!

Please let me know what you think of this outfit ❤

IMG_0663 IMG_0667 IMG_0698 IMG_0708 IMG_0785 IMG_0794 IMG_0887 IMG_0905 IMG_0912 IMG_0922

I am wearing

Joshua Sanders sneakers

Alice & Olivia matching sweater and trousers

Zara leather jacket

Sandro Paris backpack


STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards

Hey lovelies,

It’s been a while since my last post, but I haven’t been home a lot lately. Last week I went to Berlin to attend the STYLIGHT Fashion Influencer Awards. It was so much fun and there were so many great people. Since I did my internship there it was also really good to see my old colleagues again! I really miss working there, and my life in Munich! Anyways my trip there was really short and quite hectic since I had exams that week. I arrived on Tuesday morning and the awards were that same evening. So after going to the hotel, we went for a sushi lunch, which was amazing! ( I am so in love with sushi) and then back to the hotel to get ready. It was so difficult to choose which dress I wanted to wear this year. I had two options and I decided last moment (like 30 minutes before leaving haha) that it was going to be the feather dress. I will save the other one for the next special occasion ;). I wore the dress with my all time favorite Gucci shoes, a leather jacket and my brand new bag. The leather jacket gave the dress an edgier feeling to it, but it was quite warm inside so I took it off quickly. I wonder what you guys think about the outfit!

Anyways the night started out with the introduction of the jury including Louise Roe, Bryanboy and Bar Refaeli, and then straight to the awards for the bloggers. There was a fashions-how by TIGHA and live music by KLINGANDE. (check them out if you don’t know them ;)! ) and of course the night ended with a great after-party. The location was really cool too, because it was an old swimming pool. which gave it the perfect Berlin atmosphere. It was so good to be there and to catch up with some of the greatest bloggers. On my pictures you can see the sweet Zanita, Linda Tol and Kristina Bazan, as well as Rosa Pels and my sister Nadia van de Ven. I will also post a video from STYLIGHT to give you all the perfect impression of the night.


IMG_9956 IMG_0649 IMG_0653 IMG_0669 IMG_0679 IMG_0699 IMG_9933 IMG_9975 IMG_9878 IMG_9888IMG_9945

Check the video here:

Fashionchick Party!

The 14th of November I visited the Fashionchick party with my friend Yessie. It was a great night with lots of cocktails, bites, goodies and great music. And of course great outfits and clothes that you could buy there with a discount. The party was held in a great venue, House of Amsterdam, in the centre of Amsterdam of course. It was beautifully decorated with white balloons, and cirque inspired elements. I love going to events like this, where you can socialize and of course it’s an extra opportunity to dress up. When going to events like these, I always wear something that I am totally crazy about at that moment. In this case, bomberjacktes! I must say that I am a little bit addicted haha, as you can see in my latest post I am wearing my all time favorite Bomberjacket from Sandro, then there is this one from H&M Trend collection and I just bought another one ( in my defense it was on sale 😉 ), which I can’t wait to wear. And I have the feeling that it won’t be the last one I’ll buy either… Anyways I chose to combine it with a nude colored bodycon dress and nude heels. Which gives the look a chic feeling. Well I hope you guys like the outfit!


IMG_9166 IMG_9173 IMG_9191 IMG_9197 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMG_9201 10275502_843588192352944_2221268628711023102_o

I am wearing

H&M Trend Dress & Bomber

Zara Shoes & Earcuff

VFNO Amsterdam

A little late but I still wanted to share these photos. Also because I am featured in this months’ Vogue NL with the H&M styling contest. And I just really love the top, especially because of the holes in it and the open back. As you can see, I am wearing the same shoes and pants as in my latest post. That’s because I went to Amsterdam early and needed a quick outfit change before VFNO. I was so happy with the weather, because I have been wanting to wear the top for a long time and this outfit is so much better with sun. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of occasions to wear a top like this, and it also needs to be warm enough because I don’t  want to wear a coat over it. I wish I had some better pictures to share, but I am sure that I will wear this top again soon! Maybe I’ll wear it again this week, because I will go to Barcelona! Yeeeey I am so excited! I have lived there for almost a year in the past, and I miss it so much. I am already stressing out about what clothes I will bring, especially because I will celebrate my birthday over there. Will anyone else be there?


IMG_5972 IMG_5974 IMG_5981 IMG_5982 IMG_5984 IMG_5988 IMG_6003 tumblr_nbne3inpwp1s8l9mxo1_1280IMG_6007

I am wearing

Zara pants,shoes & top