Sporty Chic in Amsterdam

Unfortunately I don’t live in Amsterdam, or very near it for that matter. So whenever I go there (usually for shopping) I love to wear comfortable clothes, because I am almost running around to go to all of my favorite shops before they close. Luckily I can go there for free during the week (yes students in Holland are lucky ). These photos were taken almost a month ago during Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. I went there early, so I brought another top for the actual evening. I will post those photos later this week as well! I kept on the pants and the sneakers, because they are both so comfy and I think they look chic. Funny enough every single item that I wearing that day is from Zara. It’s a total coincidence, but I guess that shows how much I love that shop. I hope you guys like it 🙂


IMG_5881 IMG_5883 IMG_5887 IMG_5888 IMG_5891IMG_5894 IMG_5896 IMG_5901 IMG_5904 IMG_5908 IMG_5919 IMG_5921

I am wearing



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