Sunday Brunch!

I still have a lot of pictures left from Buenos Aires, and since the weather here in NL hasn’t been nice anyways I am happy that I have some sun filled posts left. The pictures are from a typical Sunday in the city. I just loved walking around Palermo after a delicious Brunch. Brunching is really big in Buenos Aires, and it can be smart to book a table before going somewhere. I really miss the Argentinian way of life, especially their Sundays! There was always so much going on… I am wearing a colorful casual outfit because it was such a nice warm day, and the best thing is that it was winter over there! I am wearing my Paruolo espadrilles here, they are just so comfy. I really missed wearing heels in Argentina, but as you can see it is not the most comfortable location to be walking around in heels. xo

IMG_4220 IMG_4222IMG_4226IMG_4225IMG_4224IMG_4217IMG_4216IMG_4204IMG_4199IMG_4198IMG_4236IMG_4233IMG_4242IMG_4250IMG_4252IMG_4266IMG_4269IMG_4274


I am wearing

Zara Trousers and Blazer

H&M Top

River Island  Bag

Paruolo Shoes


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