Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

With the weather here in Holland, I can’t help it but longing back to those Buenos Aires winter months. There photos were taken last month, which means that is was winter in Argentina. It can get kind of cold, but nothing compared to Dutch winters ( or even summers at the moment). It was a really sunny day in Buenos Aires, so I decided to go to lunch with my friend Ana in Puerto Madero. It’s really modern and it kind of reminds me of Rotterdam sometimes, but this of course is a much better version of it. We ordered one of my favorite dishes, Ceviche at a Mexican restaurant called Lupita. Soooo good! I went for a comfy and casual look with one of my favorite summer shoes at the moment. Unfortunately my earring is falling down in some of the photos haha.

IMG_4022IMG_4023 IMG_4015 IMG_4017 IMG_4018

IMG_4019 IMG_4021

IMG_4002 IMG_4001IMG_2507IMG_4024


I was wearing

Basically everything is from Zara, except for the jewelery


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