Back to B A!

After neglecting my blog a little for a while, I am back. Unfortunately I had to go back to Holland for a few weeks and didn’t have time to work on my posts. But now I am back in the lovely city of Buenos Aires and I will post a lot more. I wanted to show off my airportlook. The good thing about being back home for a while, was that I could enjoy the sale. I bought these trousers and shoes at Zara and I really love them. Even though the weather in Buenos Aires is not really hot anymore I couldn’t help but taking them with me. Normally I wouldn’t go for shoes like this, but because they are so comfortable and have lots of sequins I could make an exception. Besides I hate wearing tight shoes when I am flying. I am really excited to show my new clothes soon. I like shopping here in B A but they don’t have a lot of European shops, and the ones that they do have only have last season’s collection because of the different seasons.

IMG_3970IMG_3973IMG_3975IMG_3977 IMG_3979 IMG_3980 IMG_3985 IMG_3988 IMG_3991

I was wearing

Zara Trousers

Zara Slippers

H&M Trend Top

River Island Hat

H&M Sunglasses




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